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Dr Eamers' Prescription Strength Gin

Dr Eamers' Prescription Strength Gin

Stourbridge - 57%ABV (50cl)


Dr Eamers' Prescription Strength is a full bore Dry Gin. Made from the same distillation as their Traditionally Distilled Dry Gin but bottled at "proof" strength. So called as during the 1700's-1800's Navy ships would first douse the spirit over the gun powder to see if the gun powder still lit. If it did, it was known as "proof", but this will only happen if the spirit is at least 57%vol.

The flavour profile in this Gin is exquisite, the spirit is beautifully smooth and when mixed with an Indian Tonic water creates a subtle "louche" or clouding of the spirit due to the high volume of Botanicals used in the distillation. This is something a little special. 

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